Myself and my family have been visiting David and Dianne for over 10 years now and still find it quite amazing how their approach makes you feel so much better. Over the years I have found them to be understanding and very knowledgeable, not only does the treatment work but having someone to listen to you and truly understand you is brilliant.

I cannot recommend this enough and would like to thank them for everything they do for us.


I had suffered with M.E for a few months before asking David for help. Through regular weekly treatment David managed to keep me working and feeling relatively well throughout the time I had it. I am eternally grateful for the treatment and support I received and pleased I could keep working through what can be a very debilitating disease.


I don't know where I would be without David & Dianne. For the last 23 years they have

treated & supported me

with my hormones, pregnancy, back, neck & shoulder injuries. My now grown children visit regularly with sports injuries. David's knowledge is incredible and I would be lost without him!


Having been diagnosed with M.E. David Skates was recommended to me. My condition was understood from the outset and many of my frightening symptoms given sensible, logical explanations for, with the reassurance that help and constructive treatment would make a difference. 

Thanks to the treatments I received, I went on to be well enough to marry and have a son. My extended family have consulted David & Dianne on many occasions for all sorts of health related issues over the years; major & minor they have all provided diagnosis, treatment and support to us all for nearly 20 years. There has yet to be a condition that you can ask them about and they are baffled.....but we keep trying!


I have been looked after wonderfully at the Natural Health Centre for about fourteen years. Frequently acupuncture has dealt with problems which the medical profession had missed but this is complimentary medicine not alternative medicine. I owe the centre an enormous debt. The extent of medical knowledge is incredible


I write this note to express my enormous appreciation and gratitude for the support, which I have received from Mr David Skates.

David has given me every confidence in the way he has handles all my problems - for most of my adult years I have searched for relief for my back problems without any lasting success. I must have attended almost every clinic in the country. It was not until I came to David that he was able to diagnose the real problem and since attending the clinic I am now completely pain free and able to enjoy my life to the full once again.

I can recommend David and his clinic with every confidence in the knowledge that his experience and understanding will be of the greatest benefit to all his patients.