Acupuncture is a Traditional Chinese Medicine for the treatment of all chronic conditions.

Shortwave therapy

Shortwave therapy is a safe and effective tool for the treatment & relief of arthritic conditions such as frozen shoulders, most back problems, circulation etc.

Electronic Acupuncture

Electronic acupuncture is used for those who don't like needles but also to increase the effectiveness of traditional acupuncture.

Herbal medicine

Traditional Chinese herbal medicine is prepared on site in our clinic by Professor Hong. It is specifically tailored for each individual.

Our most common treatments

We spend a large amount of time caring for patients with life threatening conditions, such as cancer. We are able to make their life much more comfortable.

We also deal with a lot of arthritic conditions and also do a lot of fertility treatment.

We treat PVS - Post viral fatigue & associated conditions including long covid.

Please read our customer testimonials so see the success we have with this.